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The Benefits of Buying a Light Weight Wheelchair

Wheelchair options have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years. There are a lot of different styles and types of wheelchairs out there, and it can be confusing for new users to pick out the one that’s right for them. Let’s take a look at transit wheelchairs today. These lightweight wheelchairs are suitable for 2 groups of people – those who require an attendant to push them, and those who need a lightweight wheelchair for travelling.

Typically, transit wheelchairs have smaller wheels at the back than self-propelled wheelchairs, hence the need for an attendant. While this makes it difficult for the wheelchair user to propel themselves, these lightweight wheelchairs are generally easier to transport and manoeuvre for attendants. The small wheels make them easier to steer from behind, as well as being lighter and therefore easier for the attendant to use.

For example, an older user who doesn’t have great upper body strength and doesn’t need a wheelchair full-time may find a transit wheelchair just right for their needs. Such lightweight wheelchairs are usually easy to fold up and lift into the boot of a car, making trips out more accessible and pleasurable. Just knowing the wheelchair is there if needed can add a real sense of security and peace of mind. It can be hard to admit that you may need a wheelchair, but once you get used to it, you will find it can open up a whole new world of places you can access and enjoy.

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