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Alphamarque Ethical Selling Statement

Ethical Selling

Customer service has a very special meaning at Alphamarque. We aim to make sure that a customers’ mobility needs can be satisfied after assessment and giving a wide choice of suitable products.

One of our unique strengths is our personal assessment service which can be carried out in either of our retail shops or, by appointment, at the customer’s home. These assessments and demonstrations are without any obligation to purchase and will provide the customer with all the information from our numerous suppliers.

Alphamarque helps its customers with compliance for DVLA registration for class 3 scooters, advice on insurance and guidance on how to use a scooter safely.

In addition to all this, Alphamarque St Albans has a suitable test track for both pavement and road use mobility scooters, this allows for a safe operation to give customers every confidence.

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