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Exciting New Dementia Care Book

New Book about the Funny Side of being a Carer…

”Dementia Diva – tales and tips from a survivor”

 written and illustrated by Jane Kerr Wood              

The author is a local artist who kept a diary about the years she spent caring for her elderly mother who developed dementia. She describes it as “a comic book for adults” as it is packed with 20 pages of cartoons in full colour, so is an easy read punctuated with diary entries and bits of advice on how to cope if you are in a similar situation.

Most people these days have a friend or relative touched by this condition and Jane knows from her years working as a social worker there is a great deal of suffering going on in isolation behind closed doors. This book is aimed at encouraging us all to be more honest and open about the negative emotions we suffer as carers however much we love the person looked after. ”Dark thoughts…Of course we all have them!”

Since publication last September Jane has had a lot of positive feedback that the book also relates well to other conditions, for example Parkinson’s disease, so now Jane reckons she should have given it a different title such as “The Reluctant Carer”…but she admits to being a bit of a Diva so maybe she got it right first time!


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