Mobility Products

Alphamarque provide a full range of mobility equipment including scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and electric wheelchairs.

Alphamarque have a wide range of mobility equipment to allow the user means of getting about unaided.  The products include the following:

  • 4mph and 8mph mobility scooters


Shoprider Sovereign 4 4mph Scooter


1. Automatic braking system
2. Off-board battery charger
3. Free-wheeling device
4. Detachable fold-down lockable 4 position swivel seat with forward, back and height adjustment
5. Angle adjustment fold down arms
6. Side reflectors
7. Chrome bumper at the front
8. Headlights
9. Five position tiller angle
10. Easily dismantled for transportation and storage
11. Direct drive sealed transmission/gearbox



Shoprider Mikra 4mph Scooter


1. Easy to dismantle into 5 parts (as shown in the photo above)
2. Twin detachable battery pack
3. 12 amp split power batteries
4. Heaviest part 14.6 kg
5. Compact for easy transport
6. Swivel seat and flip up armrest
7. Black non-marking puncture proof tyres
8. Free wheel release handle
9. Flip up adjustable armrests
10. Tiller angle adjustment


Shoprider Cadiz 8mph Scooter

1. Full suspension
2. Captain seat – Lockable four position swivel
3. Forward, back and height adjustable seat
4. Width adjustable arms
5. Full lights set
6. High / low speed switch
7. Front and rear suspension
8. Adjustable angle tiller with delta handle
9. Large pneumatic tyres for extra comfort

  • light weight wheelchairs


The Ergo Lite 2 transit from Karma Mobility is one of the most lightweight wheelchairs that you’ll find throughout our range. Weighing in at just 8.7kg it is highly practical and comes with the well-loved S-Ergo seating system that provides pressure relief, reducing the chances of the user sliding down the seat.

The lightness of this wheelchair in no way affects the stability or reliability of it and it has some of the most innovative features included. The chair features detachable footrest hangers, an Aegis microbe shield, fixed arm rests, stylish upholstery, a folding frame and half folding back rest for easy transportation.

Ultra light frame from 8.7kg (19lbs) complete

  • Detachable footrest hangers
  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief and reduces sliding
  • Aegis microbe shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
  • Half folding back rest for easy transportation
  • Fixed armrests
  • Folding frame
  • Comfortable & durable upholstery


  • 3 and 4 wheel rollators




This ultimate in 3-Leg walkers is not only lightweight, but has a built-in rest seat, plus it folds and locks together for easy storage.
Features a rest seat, a caddy with cover, walking stick holder and a choice of frame colour.

  • Folds flat
  • Rest seat
  • Shopping caddy
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Choice of frame colour
  • electric wheelchairs


Roma Reno II Power Chair


1. UK Designed & Registered by Roma
2. New Patented Docking System
3. New 2 x 22ah Detachable battery pack
4. Flip up, width adjustable armrests and Flip-up, height adjustable footplate.
5. Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes.
6. Large Storage basket
7. Comfortable padded seat.
8. New Frame Locking Mechanism and PG Drives controller.
9. Easily disassembly without tools for carrying, storage and transportation.
10. Compact and lightweight design with excellent maneuverability.

  • independent motors (that can be attached to some wheelchairs)

These above products can all be tried in both retail shops and home demonstrations are also available (within geographical limits).  They all come with warrantys and Alphamarque can provide replacement parts if and when required.

Further information on any product can be obtained by telephoning 01727 837 836.